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Corpoelec Tacoa Power Plants

"Largest floating power plants in the world" (Waller Marine)

Corpoelec LogoMATE PCS completed the startup phase of implementing the GP MaTe Computerized Maintenance System for two barge based GE 7FA power plants near Caracas in Venezuela. MATE PCS worked with S&W Energy Services to define and load the equipment asset information, develop the complete Preventive Maintenance program for both units, including the barge ancillary system PMs, and load the spare parts inventory required to support the operations and maintenance of the plants.

Onsite training and start-up consulting was performed by MATE PCS to help S&W manage the plant startup operations and to support the eventual turnover of operations and maintenance to Corpoelec.

MATE PCS was asked to develop the equipment lists from plant as built drawings and then to develop the PM program for both plants based upon manufacturer recommendations and MATE PCS' experience with similar plant configurations.

The two plants were installed on barges built by Waller Marine in Orange, Texas and shipped to the site in 2011. There is a great YouTube video of the construction of these barges at:

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Integration of TagLink and GP MaTe

MATE PCS (formerly GP Solutions) and Stilwell & Associates have announced a product integration between GP MaTe and Stilwell’s TagLink product that improves corporate bottom lines and streamlines safety permitting/audit processes.

The integration of the GP Mate and TagLink® products can reduce administrative workload for performing a lockout-tagout by as much as 87%, allowing operators to spend more time performing the actual corrective or preventative maintenance. The integration reduces redundant data storage and improves consistency of terminology between maintenance and operation staff.

TagLink® software prints tags, logs, confined space permits, hot work permits, and procedures for isolating hazardous energy based on current processes. TagLink allows for multiple jobs or work orders to be tied to the same tagout event so you know exactly which jobs have been completed and which jobs need to be completed before restoring hazardous energy to systems. Flexibility in the TagLink product allows modifications of a specific lockout/tagout event where the required safe environment is different from the standard.

Click Here to download an article about the benefits of integration.

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MATE PCS is the developer of GP MaTe.

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